Wavebreak Podcast: Grow Your Shopify Store

Learn how to take your Shopify store to the next level.

Every week Dylan from Wavebreak interviews the people behind the world's top Shopify stores and gets them to share their secrets.

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    [17] How to Grow Your Shopify Store with Email Marketing

    Want to learn how to maximize your Shopify store's email marketing revenue?

    Timothy Dann-Barrick interviewed me live on the Shopify Entrepreneurs Facebook group a couple weeks ago.

    I answered real questions from actual Shopify store owners.

    You’ll learn: – How businesses that typically don’t see many repeat customers can use an email list effectively – How I took an email list open rate from 4% to 30% without changing subject lines – How to keep your email list engaged and weed out the deadbeats who never buy

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    [16] Literally changing lives with lingerie

    Her business has grown nearly 4x every year since she started it in 2014 and it's literally changed lives.

    Today on the show I've got Dana Donofree, founder of AnaOno.

    AnaOno sells lingerie and loungewear for people like herself that faced a breast cancer diagnosis, and needed better fitting, better looking options after surgery.

    In this episode learn: - How she grew the company 4x every year while bootstrapping - Why she raised a seed round (and how she did it without knowing any investors) - Her advice for hiring an awesome team

    Listen now.

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    [15] How to stand out in a super competitive market

    Lynne McNelis is the co-founder of fave4, a hair product brand.

    Her competition is full of big brands with insane marketing budgets, large teams, and decades of popularity.

    In this episode, learn how she stands out in such a competitive space.

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    [14] How to make your Shopify store GDPR compliant

    GDPR becomes enforceable starting May 25th.

    And if you're not compliant, you face a potential fine of up to 20 million euros.

    If you have any customers based in the EU, this episode is a must listen.

    Dave Rodenbaugh from Recapture and I dive into GDPR and how it affects your Shopify store.

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    [13] How Mannequin Madness has thrived the last two decades

    Judi Townsend started Mannequin Madness back when the internet was just beginning.

    She's seen tons of marketing channels come and go over the years.

    Yet her business has kept growing and evolving.

    In this episode, learn:

    • How Mannequin Madness keeps up with marketing trends
    • How Judi dramatically increased her sales with segmentation
    • Why her business doesn't tweet
    • The Shopify apps that save her hours of time
    • And how she's competing with Amazon
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    [11] The Booming Business of Diaper Bags

    Beav Brodie is a man's man with lots of tattoos and he loves cars and guns.

    But on the internet he's known as the diaper bag guy...

    Find out why in today's episode.

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    [10] How to know when and who to hire to help with your Shopify store

    Unsure of when and who to hire to help you grow your Shopify store?

    In this episode, Dylan Jawahir (founder of BattleBalm) shares how he decides when and who to hire, and much more.

    You'll also learn how he created BattleBalm to scratch his own itch and grew the business without much traditional marketing.

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    [9] From the dining room table to $18 million in sales

    Braydon Moreno cofounded Robo a few years ago with just $1,200 at his dining room table.

    Now it's a public company on the Australian Stock Exchange with a team of 30 people and $18 million in sales.

    In this episode learn:

    • How Braydon and his cofounder made their prototype 3d printer with no experience
    • The strategies they used to raise over $1,000,000 total on Kickstarter
    • The "secret sauce" that makes their marketing so successful
    • Why Robo is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, even though they're headquartered in California
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