Wavebreak Podcast: Grow Your Shopify Store

Learn how to take your Shopify store to the next level.

Every week Dylan from Wavebreak interviews the people behind the world's top Shopify stores and gets them to share their secrets.

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    [35] The Metrics That Will Grow Your Shopify Store To Millions

    Metrics are everywhere. Google Analytics, Shopify reports, and so on.

    The common thread of the top stores I've interviewed on this show? They know their metrics.

    If you know your metrics, it's so much easier to scale your business.

    Today on the show I chat with Matthew "Griff" Griffin, co-founder of Combat Flip Flops.

    They've grown by at least 130% every year since starting.

    How? They focus on the key metrics.

    Listen to discover all of the metrics that you need to know to scale your store.

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    [34] Slyde Handboards: From Shark Tank to $80k/mo

    Shark Tank...

    Is the show a good fit for your business?

    How do you get on the show?

    What results can you expect from it?

    Learn the answers to all of these questions and more in today's interview. I chat with Steve Watts owner and founder of Slyde Handboards.

    He shares his Shark Tank secrets as well as his #1 tip for growing a 7-figure ecommerce business.

    Listen now!

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    [33] The 9-Step Hiring Process for Scaling to $10 Million and Beyond

    Growing an ecommerce business to 8-figures in revenue is extremely difficult and you can't do it alone.

    Today on the show I chat with Eric Bandholz from Beardbrand, a 7-figure Shopify store quickly heading towards the 8-figure mark.

    Inside today's episode Eric shares all of his hiring secrets, including his 9-step process for hiring an all-star team.

    Listen now.

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    [32] Rescue More Abandoned Carts (It's Not What You Think)

    90% of abandoned cart emails are making a big mistake.

    This big mistake eats into your profits and decreases your conversions.

    Listen to find out the big mistake you're probably making and how to fix it.

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    [31] The SECRET Behind Over 80 Successful Ecommerce Brands

    Today I have a special episode for you.

    I chat with Pat Walls, founder of StarterStory.

    He's interviewed over 80 ecommerce brands and learned all of their secrets.

    Today on the show he shares a few including: - Patterns he sees across the most successful online stores - Top 3 marketing channels every store needs to get right - The craziest thing he's learned after interviewing over 80 ecommerce entrepreneurs

    Listen now.

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    [30] How To Grow Your Shopify Store While Working Less

    Running a Shopify store is a ton of hard work.

    You want to spend more time with your family and do the things you love, but if things don't get done, your business doesn't grow.

    Today on the show I chat with Nate Hirsch, co-founder and CEO of FreeeUp.

    He's an expert in hiring online and building eCommerce businesses.

    Listen to learn: - What you should delegate ASAP to grow your store - The 3 things you need to look for in your next hire (hint: it's not just experience) - How to make sure you don't hire someone bad

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    [29] Your Shopify Store Is Throwing Away Money

    Here's the deal: your Shopify store is leaking revenue and you might not even know it.

    There's a really good chance you're throwing away money every single day.

    This has been true for every single Shopify store that I've worked with.

    And most of the time they weren't even aware of how bad their problem was.

    They didn't realize how much revenue was leaking from their Shopify store.

    In this special episode of the Wavebreak Podcast learn: - Where your Shopify store is leaking revenue - How to fix it without any extra work on your end

    Listen now!

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    [28] Everything You Need To Know About Shopify Plus

    Everything You Need To Know About Shopify Plus

    Today on the show I chat with Katie Cerar, Senior Product Manager at Shopify Plus.

    We talk about all things Shopify Plus including...

    • When you need Shopify Plus
    • What's possible with Shopify Plus
    • 3 Shopify Plus automations you'll love as a store owner
    • Not so secret future features coming soon to Shopify Plus

    Listen now.

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    [27] Multi-Channel Online Retail

    Amazon and other marketplaces are growing every year.

    If you're not selling on any other sales channels, you're missing out.

    Today on the show I chat with Mike Ugino from Sellbrite and he knows multi-channel retail unlike anybody else.

    Listen to learn why you should be selling on other marketplaces and the easiest ways to get started.

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    [26] Growing to 7-Figures and Beyond with Steven Sashen of Xero Shoes

    It's hard to hire a good marketing agency.

    There are countless horror stories.

    But if you can find great marketing agencies to work with, you can take your business to the next level.

    Today on the show I chat with Steven Sashen, co-founder and CEO of Xero Shoes — a growing 7-figure online store. He works with multiple marketing agencies and today he's sharing how he finds them, vets them and more.

    Learn: - 3 questions to ask marketing agencies before you hire them (to avoid becoming another horror story) - Hiring strategy: who, what, when, how - And many more great behind the scenes tips!

    Listen now.

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