Wavebreak Podcast: Grow Your Shopify Store

Learn how to take your Shopify store to the next level.

Every week Dylan from Wavebreak interviews the people behind the world's top Shopify stores and gets them to share their secrets.

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    [26] Growing to 7-Figures and Beyond with Steven Sashen of Xero Shoes

    It's hard to hire a good marketing agency.

    There are countless horror stories.

    But if you can find great marketing agencies to work with, you can take your business to the next level.

    Today on the show I chat with Steven Sashen, co-founder and CEO of Xero Shoes — a growing 7-figure online store. He works with multiple marketing agencies and today he's sharing how he finds them, vets them and more.

    Learn: - 3 questions to ask marketing agencies before you hire them (to avoid becoming another horror story) - Hiring strategy: who, what, when, how - And many more great behind the scenes tips!

    Listen now.

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    [25] How to grow your Shopify store with Conversion Rate Optimization

    You know you should be doing conversion rate optimization, but where do you start?

    It's not sexy, but it's insanely valuable.

    CRO consistently increases sales and grows online stores, no matter what you sell.

    Today on the show I chat with Justin Christianson from Conversion Fanatics.

    He's helped dozens of online stores increase their conversions.

    Listen now to learn how he does it and how you can too!

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    [24] Get More Done In Less Time with 8-Figure Ecommerce Entrepreneur Chad Rubin

    There is never enough time in the day.

    Imagine being able to automate, delegate, and get rid of the things you don't want to do.

    Then you can focus only on the work that interests you.

    Today on the show I chat with Chad Rubin, an ecommerce veteran. He runs an 8-figure ecommerce business called Think Crucial and he's also the co-founder & CEO of Skubana.

    Listen to learn how he's so productive while running two companies.

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    [23] Behind the Scenes of a $30 Million Skincare Brand

    100% PURE grew from nothing to nearly $30 million in annual revenue without any outside investment.

    Today on the show I chat with Ric Kostic, co-founder and CEO of 100% PURE.

    In this episode, learn: - How 100% PURE scaled to 8-figures in revenue - The productivity secret Ric learned from his advisor Mark Cuban - Their marketing strategy 100% PURE is focusing on for 2018 and beyond

    And much, much more!

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    [22] 9x ROI with Facebook Video Ads

    Travis Peterson from Joker Greeting achieves a 9x ROI on his Facebook ads using videos.

    Learn how in today's episode.

    He also shares: - His #1 secret for saying productive as a solopreneur - How he rebuilt his brand after receiving tons of negative reviews because his inventory unexpectedly went bad

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    [21] How to Write Captivating Product Descriptions

    Selling candles online is hard.

    You can't smell through an iPhone, so how do you convince someone to order a candle online?

    Today on the show I've got Tamara Mayne from Brooklyn Candle Studio.

    She sells candles online and she's really good at it too.

    We dive into the power of great branding and imagery, as well as how to write captivating product descriptions.

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    [20] Systems for Staying Productive as a Solopreneur

    Do you want to be more productive?

    Do you want to work less and get more done?

    Today on the show I interview Rachel Jones, owner of On The Round - a Shopify store that sells yarn.

    Learn: - How Rachel systemizes tasks to maximize productivity - Rachel's top time-saving strategies - How Rachel decides what to prioritize in her business

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    [19] Instagram Influencer Marketing in 2018

    Instagram is always changing their algorithm and it's hard to keep up.

    But it's still an insanely powerful marketing platform.

    Today on the show I chat with Keegan Pafford, co-owner of w.o.d.welder.

    He knows Instagram marketing like the back of his hand.

    Learn: - His best Instagram strategy for 2018 - How he finds influencers and what criteria he looks for - The best post format for influencer content - How to structure your influencer marketing campaigns

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    [17] How to Grow Your Shopify Store with Email Marketing

    Want to learn how to maximize your Shopify store's email marketing revenue?

    Timothy Dann-Barrick interviewed me live on the Shopify Entrepreneurs Facebook group a couple weeks ago.

    I answered real questions from actual Shopify store owners.

    You’ll learn: – How businesses that typically don’t see many repeat customers can use an email list effectively – How I took an email list open rate from 4% to 30% without changing subject lines – How to keep your email list engaged and weed out the deadbeats who never buy

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