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Learn how to take your Shopify store to the next level.

Every week Dylan from Wavebreak interviews the people behind the world's top Shopify stores and gets them to share their secrets.

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    [48] CASE STUDY: Growing to 7-Figures In Ecommerce Revenue

    Today joining me on the show is Ryan Popoff from Popov Leather.

    If his name sounds familiar that's because he was in the very first ever episode of the Wavebreak Podcast: "Working the night shift to $40k/mo."

    It's one of our most popular episodes and since then, his business has grown tremendously.

    Listen to learn exactly how he did it.

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    [47] 8-Figure Ecommerce: The 3 Steps To Scaling

    This is one of the most important podcast episodes you must listen to before planning your 2019 marketing strategy.

    Today's guest has mastered the art and science of scaling 7-figure ecommerce stores to 8-figures and beyond.

    Kunle Campbell is the host of the 2x Ecommerce Podcast and the founder of 2x Media.

    I got him to reveal his entire strategy for 8-figure growth on the show and he held nothing back.

    Listen to learn his 3-step strategy for scaling any ecommerce business.

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    [46] BFCM 2018 Email Marketing Recap

    This past weekend was the important weekend of the year for ecommerce — Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

    I'm releasing today's episode a day late because I know firsthand how busy BFCM is for people like you.

    Today we're going to ease back into the podcast with a special episode.

    The topic is Black Friday Cyber Monday Email Marketing: What Worked, What Didn't, and Lessons Learned.

    Listen now to learn my top 4 BFCM 2018 email marketing lessons.

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    [45] How To Increase Your Shopify Store's Profits While Working Less

    Something that I've wanted to do ever since I started my podcast was to go back with past guests and get updates on their businesses.

    Today I'm bringing you one of the first of these updates.

    About a year ago, I spoke with Cheri Tracy from Orglamix.

    In the last year, she's made some big changes to her business.

    Profitability is higher than ever and she works less than ever.

    Find out to learn how she did it.

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    [44] How To Sell More Ecommerce Subscription Products And Reduce Churn

    Subscription products can be an awesome revenue booster for your ecommerce business.

    But then customers cancel...

    And it could've been prevented.

    Today on the show I chat with Lance Jones from ReCharge.

    Inside today's conversation he shares:

    • How to use subscription products to get rid of your slow season
    • The top reasons customers cancel their subscription products
    • No-brainer ways to decrease the churn of your subscription products

    Listen now!

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    [43] Next Level Influencer Marketing For Ecommerce Brands

    Influencer marketing is hard and expensive.

    Normally you have to reach out to hundreds of people to land a few interested influencers.

    Then you have to pay them to promote your product.

    What if there was an easier and cheaper way to do influencer marketing?

    Today on the show I chat with Blaine Farr from Wooly.

    We chat about: - How to find powerful influencers among your existing customer base - How to reach out to these people and get them to promote your products for FREE - How to turn influencer marketing into a predictable marketing machine

    Listen to learn how.

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    [42] The Power Confirmation Emails in Ecommerce

    Order confirmation and other notification emails are super overlooked when it comes to your ecommerce mail marketing strategy.

    Are yours helpful? Are they ugly? Are they pretty?

    Today on the show I'm joined by Björn Forsberg from ForsbergPlusTwo, the creators of OrderlyEmails.

    We chat about a side of email marketing that is extremely under utilized: transactional emails.

    Specifically, we talk about: - How to get repeat orders from your order confirmation emails - The most underrated perk of good email marketing - The power of email design and why it's so crucial - Mistakes you might be making with your current transactional emails

    Listen now!

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    [41] Ecommerce Data Loss: How to Prevent and Restore Deleted Shopify Products and Pages

    Imagine accidentally deleting a key part of your Shopify store and not being able to fix it for days.

    What impact would that have on your business?

    How much revenue would you lose?

    How many customers would never come back?

    Today on the show I chat with Mike Potter, co-founder of Rewind, a backup and recovery service for Shopify.

    We're talking about something nobody really talks much about in ecommerce: data loss and the importance of backups.

    Mike shares: - Why you need to backup your Shopify store - How to make sure a Shopify app is safe to install (hint: they're not all created equal) - The cost of not having a backup

    Listen now!

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    [40] The Definitive Guide to Ecommerce Influencer Marketing

    People don't buy from TV commercials anymore, they buy what they see on Instagram.

    Influencer marketing is driving millions in sales every single day, but it's not easy.

    Today on the show I chat with Jennifer Li Chiang from MuseFind.

    Before starting MuseFind, she opened up her own Shopify store and scaled it using influencer marketing.

    Listen to learn how you can do the same.

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    [39] How To Scale Your Shopify Store with Kurt Elster

    You've turned your Shopify store into an successful ecommerce business, now how do you take it to the next level?

    You have traffic, you have customers, but you feel like you could be doing more.

    Today on the show I chat with Kurt Elster from Ethercycle and host of the Unofficial Shopify Podcast.

    Inside today's conversation he shares how to scale your Shopify store by fixing the leaks in your funnel.

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    [38] Black Friday Email Strategy: The Ultimate Guide

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday are your biggest opportunity of the year.

    But without a solid email marketing strategy and execution, you're going to come up short.

    Today I'm pulling back the curtain on Black Friday email strategy and sharing everything.

    Listen now!

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    [37] How To Achieve A 3-4x Higher Than Average Repeat Customer Rate

    Andy Hnilo is the founder of Alitura Naturals, a multi-million dollar skincare brand.

    He has a repeat customer rate that's 3-4x higher than average and his products sell for twice as much as their competition.

    Find out how he pulls it off in today's episode.

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    [36] B2B Ecommerce: Growing From Nothing To 7-Figures In 2 Years

    SunHaven has been growing extremely fast.

    The outdoor furniture manufacturing and e-commerce company was started just last year and it's already a 7-figure business.

    Today on the show I'm joined by Michael Hillel, the founder of SunHaven.

    Inside today's conversation he shares...

    • How he tests his products to find out what sells best
    • The secret to getting better relationships with your suppliers
    • How he finds his retail partners and gets in touch with them
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    [35] The Metrics That Will Grow Your Shopify Store To Millions

    Metrics are everywhere. Google Analytics, Shopify reports, and so on.

    The common thread of the top stores I've interviewed on this show? They know their metrics.

    If you know your metrics, it's so much easier to scale your business.

    Today on the show I chat with Matthew "Griff" Griffin, co-founder of Combat Flip Flops.

    They've grown by at least 130% every year since starting.

    How? They focus on the key metrics.

    Listen to discover all of the metrics that you need to know to scale your store.

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    [34] Slyde Handboards: From Shark Tank to $80k/mo

    Shark Tank...

    Is the show a good fit for your business?

    How do you get on the show?

    What results can you expect from it?

    Learn the answers to all of these questions and more in today's interview. I chat with Steve Watts owner and founder of Slyde Handboards.

    He shares his Shark Tank secrets as well as his #1 tip for growing a 7-figure ecommerce business.

    Listen now!

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    [33] The 9-Step Hiring Process for Scaling to $10 Million and Beyond

    Growing an ecommerce business to 8-figures in revenue is extremely difficult and you can't do it alone.

    Today on the show I chat with Eric Bandholz from Beardbrand, a 7-figure Shopify store quickly heading towards the 8-figure mark.

    Inside today's episode Eric shares all of his hiring secrets, including his 9-step process for hiring an all-star team.

    Listen now.

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    [32] Rescue More Abandoned Carts (It's Not What You Think)

    90% of abandoned cart emails are making a big mistake.

    This big mistake eats into your profits and decreases your conversions.

    Listen to find out the big mistake you're probably making and how to fix it.

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    [31] The SECRET Behind Over 80 Successful Ecommerce Brands

    Today I have a special episode for you.

    I chat with Pat Walls, founder of StarterStory.

    He's interviewed over 80 ecommerce brands and learned all of their secrets.

    Today on the show he shares a few including: - Patterns he sees across the most successful online stores - Top 3 marketing channels every store needs to get right - The craziest thing he's learned after interviewing over 80 ecommerce entrepreneurs

    Listen now.

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    [30] How To Grow Your Shopify Store While Working Less

    Running a Shopify store is a ton of hard work.

    You want to spend more time with your family and do the things you love, but if things don't get done, your business doesn't grow.

    Today on the show I chat with Nate Hirsch, co-founder and CEO of FreeeUp.

    He's an expert in hiring online and building eCommerce businesses.

    Listen to learn: - What you should delegate ASAP to grow your store - The 3 things you need to look for in your next hire (hint: it's not just experience) - How to make sure you don't hire someone bad

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    [29] Your Shopify Store Is Throwing Away Money

    Here's the deal: your Shopify store is leaking revenue and you might not even know it.

    There's a really good chance you're throwing away money every single day.

    This has been true for every single Shopify store that I've worked with.

    And most of the time they weren't even aware of how bad their problem was.

    They didn't realize how much revenue was leaking from their Shopify store.

    In this special episode of the Wavebreak Podcast learn: - Where your Shopify store is leaking revenue - How to fix it without any extra work on your end

    Listen now!

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    [28] Everything You Need To Know About Shopify Plus

    Everything You Need To Know About Shopify Plus

    Today on the show I chat with Katie Cerar, Senior Product Manager at Shopify Plus.

    We talk about all things Shopify Plus including...

    • When you need Shopify Plus
    • What's possible with Shopify Plus
    • 3 Shopify Plus automations you'll love as a store owner
    • Not so secret future features coming soon to Shopify Plus

    Listen now.

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    [27] Multi-Channel Online Retail

    Amazon and other marketplaces are growing every year.

    If you're not selling on any other sales channels, you're missing out.

    Today on the show I chat with Mike Ugino from Sellbrite and he knows multi-channel retail unlike anybody else.

    Listen to learn why you should be selling on other marketplaces and the easiest ways to get started.

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    [26] Growing to 7-Figures and Beyond with Steven Sashen of Xero Shoes

    It's hard to hire a good marketing agency.

    There are countless horror stories.

    But if you can find great marketing agencies to work with, you can take your business to the next level.

    Today on the show I chat with Steven Sashen, co-founder and CEO of Xero Shoes — a growing 7-figure online store. He works with multiple marketing agencies and today he's sharing how he finds them, vets them and more.

    Learn: - 3 questions to ask marketing agencies before you hire them (to avoid becoming another horror story) - Hiring strategy: who, what, when, how - And many more great behind the scenes tips!

    Listen now.

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    [25] How to grow your Shopify store with Conversion Rate Optimization

    You know you should be doing conversion rate optimization, but where do you start?

    It's not sexy, but it's insanely valuable.

    CRO consistently increases sales and grows online stores, no matter what you sell.

    Today on the show I chat with Justin Christianson from Conversion Fanatics.

    He's helped dozens of online stores increase their conversions.

    Listen now to learn how he does it and how you can too!

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    [24] Get More Done In Less Time with 8-Figure Ecommerce Entrepreneur Chad Rubin

    There is never enough time in the day.

    Imagine being able to automate, delegate, and get rid of the things you don't want to do.

    Then you can focus only on the work that interests you.

    Today on the show I chat with Chad Rubin, an ecommerce veteran. He runs an 8-figure ecommerce business called Think Crucial and he's also the co-founder & CEO of Skubana.

    Listen to learn how he's so productive while running two companies.

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    [23] Behind the Scenes of a $30 Million Skincare Brand

    100% PURE grew from nothing to nearly $30 million in annual revenue without any outside investment.

    Today on the show I chat with Ric Kostic, co-founder and CEO of 100% PURE.

    In this episode, learn: - How 100% PURE scaled to 8-figures in revenue - The productivity secret Ric learned from his advisor Mark Cuban - Their marketing strategy 100% PURE is focusing on for 2018 and beyond

    And much, much more!

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    [22] 9x ROI with Facebook Video Ads

    Travis Peterson from Joker Greeting achieves a 9x ROI on his Facebook ads using videos.

    Learn how in today's episode.

    He also shares: - His #1 secret for saying productive as a solopreneur - How he rebuilt his brand after receiving tons of negative reviews because his inventory unexpectedly went bad

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    [21] How to Write Captivating Product Descriptions

    Selling candles online is hard.

    You can't smell through an iPhone, so how do you convince someone to order a candle online?

    Today on the show I've got Tamara Mayne from Brooklyn Candle Studio.

    She sells candles online and she's really good at it too.

    We dive into the power of great branding and imagery, as well as how to write captivating product descriptions.

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    [20] Systems for Staying Productive as a Solopreneur

    Do you want to be more productive?

    Do you want to work less and get more done?

    Today on the show I interview Rachel Jones, owner of On The Round - a Shopify store that sells yarn.

    Learn: - How Rachel systemizes tasks to maximize productivity - Rachel's top time-saving strategies - How Rachel decides what to prioritize in her business

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    [19] Instagram Influencer Marketing in 2018

    Instagram is always changing their algorithm and it's hard to keep up.

    But it's still an insanely powerful marketing platform.

    Today on the show I chat with Keegan Pafford, co-owner of w.o.d.welder.

    He knows Instagram marketing like the back of his hand.

    Learn: - His best Instagram strategy for 2018 - How he finds influencers and what criteria he looks for - The best post format for influencer content - How to structure your influencer marketing campaigns

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    [17] How to Grow Your Shopify Store with Email Marketing

    Want to learn how to maximize your Shopify store's email marketing revenue?

    Timothy Dann-Barrick interviewed me live on the Shopify Entrepreneurs Facebook group a couple weeks ago.

    I answered real questions from actual Shopify store owners.

    You’ll learn: – How businesses that typically don’t see many repeat customers can use an email list effectively – How I took an email list open rate from 4% to 30% without changing subject lines – How to keep your email list engaged and weed out the deadbeats who never buy

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    [16] Literally changing lives with lingerie

    Her business has grown nearly 4x every year since she started it in 2014 and it's literally changed lives.

    Today on the show I've got Dana Donofree, founder of AnaOno.

    AnaOno sells lingerie and loungewear for people like herself that faced a breast cancer diagnosis, and needed better fitting, better looking options after surgery.

    In this episode learn: - How she grew the company 4x every year while bootstrapping - Why she raised a seed round (and how she did it without knowing any investors) - Her advice for hiring an awesome team

    Listen now.

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    [15] How to stand out in a super competitive market

    Lynne McNelis is the co-founder of fave4, a hair product brand.

    Her competition is full of big brands with insane marketing budgets, large teams, and decades of popularity.

    In this episode, learn how she stands out in such a competitive space.

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    [14] How to make your Shopify store GDPR compliant

    GDPR becomes enforceable starting May 25th.

    And if you're not compliant, you face a potential fine of up to 20 million euros.

    If you have any customers based in the EU, this episode is a must listen.

    Dave Rodenbaugh from Recapture and I dive into GDPR and how it affects your Shopify store.

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    [13] How Mannequin Madness has thrived the last two decades

    Judi Townsend started Mannequin Madness back when the internet was just beginning.

    She's seen tons of marketing channels come and go over the years.

    Yet her business has kept growing and evolving.

    In this episode, learn:

    • How Mannequin Madness keeps up with marketing trends
    • How Judi dramatically increased her sales with segmentation
    • Why her business doesn't tweet
    • The Shopify apps that save her hours of time
    • And how she's competing with Amazon
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    [11] The Booming Business of Diaper Bags

    Beav Brodie is a man's man with lots of tattoos and he loves cars and guns.

    But on the internet he's known as the diaper bag guy...

    Find out why in today's episode.

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    [10] How to know when and who to hire to help with your Shopify store

    Unsure of when and who to hire to help you grow your Shopify store?

    In this episode, Dylan Jawahir (founder of BattleBalm) shares how he decides when and who to hire, and much more.

    You'll also learn how he created BattleBalm to scratch his own itch and grew the business without much traditional marketing.

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    [9] From the dining room table to $18 million in sales

    Braydon Moreno cofounded Robo a few years ago with just $1,200 at his dining room table.

    Now it's a public company on the Australian Stock Exchange with a team of 30 people and $18 million in sales.

    In this episode learn:

    • How Braydon and his cofounder made their prototype 3d printer with no experience
    • The strategies they used to raise over $1,000,000 total on Kickstarter
    • The "secret sauce" that makes their marketing so successful
    • Why Robo is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, even though they're headquartered in California
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    [8] How to increase your sales without spending more on ads

    Do the majority of your sales come from paid ads?

    Back in October I sat down with Nick Disabato, the founder of Draft, a design consultancy that helps online stores increase their revenue.

    In this episode, he's sharing how you can generate more revenue and profit without spending more money on ads.

    Listen to learn how.

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    [7] How Abby Walker more than doubled her Shopify store last year

    Want to double your Shopify store in 2018?

    Today on the show I have Abby Walker who runs Vivian Lou, a single-product company with multi-million dollar annual sales.

    Her brand has been featured in several top publications and it more than doubled last year.

    Listen to learn her story and how she grew her brand so fast.

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    [6] How top Shopify stores are using funnels to sell millions

    Funnels... you've probably heard of them.

    More and more Shopify stores are taking advantage of funnels and selling millions of dollars of products with them.

    Today's guest on the show is Jordan Gal, the cofounder and CEO of CartHook.

    He explains exactly how people are selling crazy amounts of products with funnels and how you can do the same.

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    [5] How to find a good Shopify developer

    "How do I find a good developer?"

    It's been asked over and over again in the Shopify realm.

    Maybe you've even had a bad experience working with a developer.

    Today's guest is Jon Kennedy, founder of Carson and Storetasker.

    He's hired dozens of Shopify developers and now he's sharing his secrets.

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    [3] Work-life balance: Can $1,000,000 in revenue be a bad thing?

    Susan Bradley bought a company called WeeSqueak a few years ago when it was doing over $1,000,000 in wholesale revenue.

    Today it does $0 in wholesale revenue.

    But it's not failing.

    She just chose to stop selling wholesale.

    Find out why.

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    [2] The 7 Figure Backpack

    When they started their business, they were turned down by every manufacturer they approached.

    Now their business does 7 figures in sales every year.

    Find out how in this interview with Fred Perrotta, co-founder of Tortuga.

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    [1] From working the night shift to $40k/mo

    Ryan Popoff started his Shopify store Popov Leather as a hobby in his dining room.

    He's grown it into a thriving business that supports him and his family.

    Find out how.

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